Pre-Mix and In-Situ Stabilisation

Soil Stabilisation has many attractions in today’s market and we are able provide solutions for many soil types which create a better working platform in turn saving time and money for projects.

We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive service that is tailored on an individual basis resulting in a solution that is designed to suit your specific requirements.

We draw on the wealth of experience of our team and they utilise the latest in soil stabilisation and engineering technology to meet your needs.  Cambrian are experts at using lime, cement and other binder materials to geotechnically alter areas of poor or weak soil efficiently and cost effectively.

We have experience in providing stabilisation in the following areas:

Typical applications of soil stabilisation include:

  • Construction of roads for windfarms and construction sites
  • Car and lorry parks
  • Road and highway construction, including pavements
  • Airport runways
  • Reclamation and remediation of contaminated land

Our work would include the reduction of the high moisture content in generally passible materials thus allowing the excavation, placing and compaction of land fill.  In order to stablise the soil we would mix the host material with binders and water to create a product with long term durability and weight bearing strength.  Engineer checks are used to ensure this mix meets required standards.

As our team have been involved in some of the world’s largest construction projects we have experience and a diverse skill set that enable us to offer the complete solution.